It literally took me 30 minutes to forward an email from Google’s Inbox

It was at the midnight when I received an important email that I needed to forward to my partner. I was too lazy to open my laptop for such a simple task as email forwarding and it was my phone that notify me. So, I unlocked my phone, open Google’s Inbox App. I use Inbox because it is a lot simpler than iOS default mail app and Gmail. I read the mail, opened the attached pdf which I prefer to see file size before opening because I just want to. But I couldn’t.

Am I the only one around here who wants to know the file size before downloading

Then the problem the came when I want to forward it. I touched the floating action button with an arrow icon which I’m not sure whether it means “reply” or “forward”. Sadly, It was a reply button. And I knew it by reading the “to” field hint text.

Nope that’s now the reply button moment

“Ok, that’s not a forward button” I thought. And I continue my journey for searching for a forward button. I searched through the toolbar options menu items. There’s three dots on the right/end which usually means more actions are hidden in this. But when I touched that button, it was a“Move To” button where I can move the email into trash, spam, bundled, etc…

I thought three dots button is for showing more actions which can’t fit in the toolbar

At that time, I thought I should open my macbook and forward but inner me was suggesting to learn “how to forward an email through Google Inbox iOS app”. I googled it and I couldn’t find it on the first page. I didn’t go to the second result page because I might have found a dead body.


I reopen Inbox App. I just keep scrolling and enjoying the rubber band bouncing. That’s when I found the forward button. The FAB was transformed into a different icon. It’s also an arrow but it’s different from reply. So, it must be “Forward”. I touched that it shows three actions which was pretty confusing because I never had to choose before forwarding. But after choosing to include attachments, I finally found a “to” field, type my partner’s email and send.


I think forwarding is an action which is done by many users frequently. I shouldn’t be hidden. The FAB should show more actions rether then just reply.




Mobile App Developer from Burma

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Myat Min Soe

Myat Min Soe

Mobile App Developer from Burma

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